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Is a company which established as generation of father and son with decades of experience.
The company was founded by Tom Berniker who`s acquired the experience of his father - Dudu Berniker.
Dudu is working in the refractory field for over than 41 years whos consider to be one of the best and leading professionals in the country and the world in refractory and acid.

At present , Dudu is the consultant and technical director of the company , and educate his son at his side for the past 5 years.
T. D. Is a company that deals with all aspects of refractory and acid heavy industry worldwide.
With extensive knowledge and work experience of over than four decades our expertise are reflected in consulting and construction of all types of furnaces for industry and steam boilers, construction metal melting furnaces, acid towers, acid jobs of all kinds, glass melting furnaces, fireproof concrete splashes and castings .
We are also do consulting , project financing and plant construction worldwide.

Over the years we collaboration and continuing with the global industry leading enterprises:

  • Rotem Amfert Ltd.

  • Dead Sea Magnesium

  • Dead sea works

  • Periclase

  • Zin

  • Oron

  • Bromine Compounds - Neot Hovav Eco Indutrial Park

  • Refineries Ashdod - Paz

  • Ramat Hovav toxic waste - ESC

  • Hod Assaf Industries Ltd.

  • Steel manufacturing factories north - blue and white products 

  • Elcon Recycling

  • Phoenicia Glass Works Ltd. 

  • Nesher Israel Cement Entrerprises Ltd.

  • Aluminum Plants

  • Incinerators

  • And many more.

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