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T . D . Fireproof and acid bricks installation providing reliable and professional services in all areas of refractory and acid.
Also, an integral part of our work is routine maintenance, refurbishment and project management with full responsibility for the quality of work.
With experience of more than four decades the best consultants and builders in the filed are accompanied all the way successfully to our clients, and as a result we preserve our proffesionalism and continuing working quietly and continuously without breaks in the heavy industry production.

In addition, we deals in construction planning counseling and the establishment of enterprises and construction of factories, consulting and construction of steam boilers, industrial furnaces, metal melting furnaces, glass melting furnaces, construction all types of fireproof bricks, acid and graphite bricks.
Acids - We specialize design , building , construction , rehabilitation and demolition of  acid towers , acid recirculation tanks (higher concentration) reactors, heat exchangers and cold, with a commitment times and the quality of work.
Spray and poured concrete - spraying all types of concrete castings such as fireproof concrete.
Consulting - our consultants have exceptional knowledge in the field, which are recognized and appreciated around the world thanks to their professional, dedicated and reliable.
A large part of their work is to provide high quality and cost effective solutions as possible to continue working and to manufacture Max.

We work 360 days 24/7 except Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.




Equipments & Saftey

As we know, this type of work is difficult and in dangerous conditions, thats why we  prepare for any kind of work

with tools and appropriate safety equipment at the highest level, which passed all inspections and tests that required.
Safety is an important factor in this work , and keeping our employees is first and foremost before any beginning of any

type of work.Throughout the year, we maintaing and refreshering the safety rules and qualifications required for

continued safe working.

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